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Shoes with arch support provide all-day comfort.

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We're reimagining science and style to bring you highly covetable shoes with our arch-hugging support.
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Built-in Orthotic Support


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Inspiring stories of our amazing customers whose lives
have been changed for the better through Vionic.

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“My Vionics are very important to me.
They have helped me heal a serious
injury and help support me when
I teach dance.”

- Jennifer L., VA

“I really needed to find a supportive shoe to wear...for the rest of my life. I
cringed when I saw my options until I
found Vionics. They are stylish and supportive and offer so many options.”

- Wendy H., PA

“I love vionic shoes because I have great
support for my feet and body without
giving up style.”

- Carrie W., CO

"I love that it is lightweight and so comfortable to wear."

Shoes with arch support for women


Shoe shopping can be the most fun kind of shopping there is, but if you suffer from heel pain, finding comfortable shoes can be almost as excruciating as your foot pain. Make the process less painful with a pair of Vionic shoes. Your feet will thank you and you'll walk away in style.

Vionic offers stylish arch support shoes for women and so much more. What is different about Vionic shoes? Vionic features FMT Technology, a trusted podiatrist-designed contour built right into every pair of shoes, slippers, sandals for women and orthotic inserts. Instant relief really can be that easy. No need to shop for expensive custom orthotics for heel pain, leg pain or back pain – check out our collection of women's shoes. You'll find comfortable women's dress shoes, sandals with arch support, stylish orthotic slippers and more.

With as much as we have to offer, you can wear Vionic shoes from morning to night, for most activities. Slide into a pair of slippers with arch support to reduce the heel pain first thing in the morning, complete your office wardrobe with a pair of comfortable wedges to wear to work, lace up a pair of orthotic active shoes to walk for exercise, and then slip back into your spa-style supportive slippers at the end of your day. Plantar fasciitis can hit the road, but not before you do, moving through life without giving heel pain a second thought.